Hospital Stay Day 3

The repeat BPP last night went much better than the first one in the afternoon! Baby Hope was active enough to pass. She only did a few seconds of the practice breathing, but the doctor from fetal testing this morning seemed happy with the results when he reviewed them. Yay!

This morning during our routine heart rate/non-contraction monitoring she was moving like CRAZY! I kept saying “I wish they could come do the sonogram now so she can prove she really does move around in there!” This was the first monitoring session that we actually had a hard time getting 20 minutes of solid tracking done (it took at least an hour) because she kept moving out of range. Way to go, baby girl!

I went about 12 hours today without feeling any leaking, which got me pretty excited that maybe the tear in the sac is closing up, but alas, it’s started up again. Nothing major or different than previous days, so nothing new to worry about. I was just disappointed.

This morning’s BPP went great! The doctor was very pleased. She passed all the movement stuff with flying colors (between the monitoring and BPP she was quite the active baby this morning!), and the fluid level met the minimum. The doctor said just from the visual it looked like there was more fluid than yesterday (hurray!), but like I said in my previous post, they only measure for the minimum and don’t check beyond that. She only did 20 seconds of sustained practice breathing (I’m going to call this SPB; it’s long to type!), and while the tech waited around a bit to see if she would do more, when the doctor came in to assess the results and take a look he didn’t seem concerned about it because she was close. I asked if the decreased amount of fluid makes it harder for her to practice breathing since that’s what she inhales, and he said no. He also reassured me when I asked about the blood thinner they started me on (to prevent clots since I’m on bed rest) that the kind they’re giving me doesn’t pass through the placenta. It won’t pose any risk to the baby. Whew!

I’ve gotten to see Ella through FaceTime a lot the past two days which has really helped img_0180ease the separation. She loves getting to talk to anyone on FaceTime, so that’s been fun for her to get to see Mommy on the phone. She “fed” me some of her dinner tonight which cracked her up. I love her giggles :o) Ella actually seems to be handling the whole thing beautifully! Having lots of our friends and family around who she loves is great fun to her, so the string of visitors that we don’t normally have on a daily basis has helped keep her busy and happy. I love seeing her enjoying her time with all these people in our lives who love her. It’s such a relief and blessing to this mama heart to get to call in and see her having a great day and just being loved and cared for. I’m so thankful to everyone who has already taken a turn or two spending part of their day with Ella! It’s great to get pictures and videos from people who are with her during the day too. That helps me feel like I’m still part of her daily routine. Thanks to everybody who is pitching in and rolling with her own little foreign language and new potty using skills and preference to not wear pants most of the time 😀

img_0182My brother arrived last night and my sister got to town this evening; they’re both spending the weekend at our house. Ella is thrilled to see her Uncle “Mung” (Micah) and Auntie “Kwen” (Gwen). I especially loved seeing Micah read bedtime stories to a naked toddler tonight,img_0181 haha 😀 Mentioning getting jammies on nearly caused a meltdown over missing Mommy, so he let it go and distracted her with books until Nathanael got home from visiting here with me. Crisis averted! Good job, Uncle Mung!

Ella seems to think I’m just at a very long tap class. Twice so far since I’ve been in the hospital we’ve been on FaceTime and she has gleefully announced “Mommy! Tap tap!” which is what she normally says when I’m leaving for or returning from the tap dancing class I (normally) take once a week. Apparently that’s the only place I go without her!? She has no concept of what a hospital is to give her any frame of reference for where I am. I could tell her I’m at the doctor’s, but I think that would upset her. She associates the doctor’s office with getting shots, and I think for her to think I’m there would just stress her out. She can think I’m at tap class :o)

Visits and phone calls and blogging have really helped to pass the time pretty pleasantly today. So far we’re all hanging in there and faring pretty well! No more blues as low as Wednesday for me, and Nathanael’s team at work has been very accommodating with his sudden disappearance from the office, so I’m feeling grateful that things are going as smoothly as they are. As long as this baby stays put and we both stay healthy, things are going quite well given the circumstances! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. It’s all a huge help and blessing to our family.

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