Day 4

Did you know different sections of the heart (I’m guessing each of the four chambers?) each have their own unique sounding beat to them? I learned that during one of my sonograms this week. The doctor kept clicking things while he was listening to the heartbeat and each time he clicked the way the beats sounded changed; the only way I can think to describe it is it was like different textures. I asked what was making it sound different and he said each part of the heart has it’s own “signature sound,” so he was isolating and listening and then mixing them back together. Pretty cool. It made me think of God as the original DJ, mixing tracks of sound right inside our bodies before we’re even born.

It crossed my mind this morning that being on blood thinners could be very bad when it comes time to have this baby. I was anemic after having Ella, and we think that was because of blood loss during labor. That was a very smooth, uncomplicated, natural labor, so the thought that I lost enough blood in a normal labor to become anemic made me worried about what being on blood thinners could do. I asked a dr about it this morning, and she said they intentionally have me on a kind that has a short half life. It only stays in my body for six hour so that it’s unlikely to become a problem in labor (or surgery I guess…) Whew!

Several people have asked me if the average of delivery within 7-10 days of PROM is most often due to labor starting on its own or an infection or something arising, so I finally remembered to ask about that this morning. The same doctor I just mentioned said it’s not typically one or the other, they’re about equal. She said often times moms go into labor because there’s an infection and even that there already was one and that’s what caused the water to break early, but she said I haven’t shown any signs of that being the case. I guess that was comforting that she didn’t say “Most women develop an infection around a week and we have to induce them.” I’m really hoping to carry long enough to be able to go into labor on my own safely and not need Pitocin to induce or augment labor. Time will tell.

That same doctor also told me about a woman who was in here in the fall for PROM for seven weeks and then she elected to go home. She came back a week later in labor. The dr said they advised against her going home, but she said she couldn’t keep staying here because she had six kids at home. How did that family manage!? Man, here I am thinking it’s a lot to be away from one kid and for our friends and family to help us out just taking care of Ella. But six!? Wow. That would be so challenging. Thinking of being able to make it through seven weeks sounded a lot shorter than imagining the whole three months that I have until my actual due date, though, so that story was encouraging. If I could make it that far I would only be two weeks away from what is considered “full term” (37 weeks). That would be a pretty big deal. Anyway right now the goal is 29 and then if we get that far the next big milestone of awesomeness for the baby to make it to is 32. And I’m still praying for total healing of the tear and we just go home and wait good long time to have this baby. We’re just waiting and watching.

One of the midwives from the group I see for my prenatal care who I planned to deliver with at another area hospital called today when she saw a note in my chart about what’s happening (these two hospitals are part of the same system, so they can share info easily). She talked to me like a friend as well as a medical professional for nearly half an hour, and that conversation was such a comfort to me! It was nice to talk through some of what’s been happening and some of my thoughts/concerns for how things could go from here with someone who actually knows me as their patient and has a more vested interest in my care kind of holistically. Don’t get me wrong, the doctors here have all been wonderful so far, very kind and patient and reassuring and have answered lots of questions. And I’m learning a lot about pregnancy and fetal/maternal care that I find downright fascinating! But I still feel like a patient here and maybe not primarily like the mom to this baby and a woman with lots of strong thoughts and feelings about pregnancy and birth. This midwife gets that side of me and knows what I value and what I’m afraid of when it comes to the kind of birth experience we may have, so it was really great to talk through some of that with her. She even gave me her cell phone number and asked if she could come visit me. I love that quality of care from my midwives. What a relief to have heard from her :o)

Hope passed her tests today with an 8/10 (which one resident pointed out should really be a 4/5 because although the five categories are each worth two points, they never give a 1. It’s always 2 or 0, lol. Strange). The points she missed (/I missed?) were for the fluid. There was fluid around her but no one pocket measuring at least 2cm x 2cm. Her bladder was full though, so the resident doing the BPP today said she’s not worried about the “low fluid” because she can see on the screen that there is fluid, it just was in the baby’s bladder at the moment, so they can’t count that. It has to be outside of her. I wonder if she had peed during the test if we would have been able to see it happening 😛

Last night there was a solid 4.5 hours without interruptions from hospital staff that I got to sleep. Glorious! I woke up on my own at 4:15am, and since my nurse would be coming in soon to give me meds and check my vitals, I just stayed up. Even after that was done I could not fall back asleep until like 6am, at which point the usual deluge of morning interruptions began, ending with my routine wake-up call by the fetal testing dr from upstairs around 8. But I don’t mind that last one; he’s such a pleasant man. I learned from the resident who did the BPP today that they all have a meeting early in the morning where they talk about all the patients, and then they go and do rounds, so that’s why that dr from upstairs comes to see me at the same time every day. She also said that they only call him with results from a BPP he’s not already going to come see immediately if something is bad (like a weekend BPP when he’s only here for rounds in the morning; during the week he comes into the room after the tech does the test to review it right away). Otherwise they just review results the next morning. So that’s good news! Nothing on our tests has called for a report going to the head doc prior to their usual recap. Yay!

It’s been so wonderful having some of my siblings in town. We don’t even necessarily do or talk about much when they come to the hospital, but just having their company is a huge comfort. And seeing them with Ella via FaceTime when we “hang out” in the mornings is fun. Living far from my family hasn’t been my favorite thing over the last five years, and while being in the hospital is a hard reason to have my family come to town, I so love getting to see them here and watch them with Ella, even if that part is only through digital means. Micah took Ella to the park today because it was absurdly warm for January, and she loved climbing and playing and chasing/watching the bigger kids. Just knowing she got to do one of her favorite things today made my heart so full of joy. Thanks guys!

Another 24 hours down!

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  1. I am amazed at how many details you remember regarding percentages! Really enjoy reading all of your updates lizzy! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You are one strong mama!


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