Day 5 – A Deadline of Sorts?

Another day down. As far as I know we’re doing well today, although I actually still haven’t had today’s BPP done. Since it’s the weekend, a resident downstairs on L&D will come do it at my bedside whenever they have a chance. I guess they’ve been busy down there today!

My day started out with Micah and Gwen bringing a wicker basket to my room containing two pans wrapped in towels with scrambled eggs and sausage and my mom’s homemade bread toasted with butter on it. And French press coffee from home!!! It was so nice to have real eggs and strong coffee. I even got used to just how strong Micah makes it 😛 Their creativity in bringing a hot homemade breakfast made me laugh and also feel very loved. As mom said, you two have set the bar high for any other family who comes later!

I’ve been feeling really good all weekend for a couple reasons: for one, I had SO many visitors all weekend, including my brother and sister, and they just made me laugh so much. There were several instances of nearly choking on my food and drinks today because of something Micah said. Thanks, bro! The other encouraging thing was that I wasn’t noticing any fluid loss at all today, probably totaling about 36 hours. But then it started up again :-/ So I’m currently fending off feelings of disappointment and thoughts of whether I did something to make it start up again. I’ve been eagerly awaiting today’s sono all day because I want to know if the lack of leaking has made my fluid inside increase (seems logical, right??), and now I’m all anxious that whatever stores I may have built up over the last two days (if that’s even how it works) will be gone by the time they come to do the test. Anyway enough about fluid and leaking 😛 Sorry but not sorry to those who find my comments and thoughts TMI. I’m a verbal processor.

The biggest news/info I learned today that I’ve been coming back to and trying to let sink in since breakfast is that the fetal testing dr told me if I make it to 34 weeks then they will induce labor. That’s just their policy. At that point the baby has developed enough that it’s safer to deliver her than to prolong the risk of infection by keeping me pregnant. That makes sense. It’s also a lot to take in. I’ll reach 34 weeks on March 1st. That sounds so soon. It also sounds so far away because I haven’t even been here a full week yet and that’s still over 5 weeks away. But it’s so much less than 12 weeks (the distance from my admission to Hope’s due date). It’s kind of a relief to know a definite end point of this part, but then it’s also a source of anxiety because it makes induction feel so much more likely and having a preemie so definite. It’s just a big piece of information to take in. I haven’t totally wrapped my mind around this news of a “deadline” of sorts yet. It’s weird to know our kiddos will be under two years apart.

When this is all over I am going to genuinely miss my nurses. There are some fantastic women working here. They already feel like friends :o) Today’s nurse has been in 3 of the days so far, and today she let me set up the monitor for the heart rate tracing they do three times a day for one of the sessions. I’ve told several of them I could probably do it myself by now since I’ve seen them do it so many times, but they all act like I’m joking. So she let me try haha. It took me a few minutes to find the baby’s heartbeat because she was moving around a lot, but I did it!

Well, I’ve been typing for nearly an hour and there’s still no sonogram machine showing up at my door, so I guess I’ll have to report on that in tomorrow’s update. I hope everything is going well down on L&D! They’ve been so busy all week. I think birth is so cool; I want to hear the birth stories of the babies being born while I’m here lol. I doubt anybody will humor me on that point though :o) Patient confidentiality and all.

Here’s to another 24 hours still pregnant! And still praying. Thanks to everyone who has visited and called and texted and emailed and prayed. We appreciate your support so much!

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