One Week Down!

Heeeeyyyyyy we made it a week with PROM and haven’t had a baby yet!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

Today has gone really well. I took a few more walks, one with Nathanael even, aaaww!! :o) And I did a couple of gentle reps with tiny weights from home since a doctor approved using those today. But I didn’t do much because I’m not sure exactly what types of lifting would be safe, for example should I not do a shoulder press above my head since that stretches out my abdomen more than normal while also requiring me to use my core a bit? I’m very hesitant to do anything that stretches or twists or really uses my abdomen. Physical therapy was supposed to come do an evaluation today, but I was forewarned by a doctor that they might not make it until tomorrow. Hopefully they do come tomorrow! I’d like to be able to do more than just walk while I’m cooped up here; I can already feel my muscles deteriorating and it’s only been a week! I also might get to have some massage therapy while I’m here. That would be nice!

My brother-in-law Paul visited today and brought me delicious food from a local diner. YUMMMM shawarma!!! Thanks Paul! He also told me of his great adventures snowboarding in the mountains of Canada last week (Canada is a broad generalization… I can’t remember where he was specifically), so I got to live vicariously through him. Paul is going into nursing, so I invited him along for today’s sonogram. It was fun to have somebody I know there with me, especially since today was with the very quiet doctor. He’s a nice man, I like him. He’s just very quiet. Hope did great on today’s BPP! She was awake and did all the things they want her to do in what I felt was record time out of all of our sonos so far. I attribute her alertness to the delicious gingerbread muffins my mother-in-law sent me. I ate one during the test since I’ve noticed that Hope always seems to have a little dance party when I snack on one of those muffins. Thanks Sheila!

I’ve been quite fixated this whole week on the amniotic fluid, how it works and what makes it and what affects it, etc. Reasonably so, in my opinion, since that’s the whole reason we’re here. Ya’ll are going to be so tired of hearing about my fluid by the end of this! Bear with me. Or just skip this paragraph. Yesterday after my sono I asked the doctor (the quiet one) if I make the fluid or if the baby does. He said the baby does. She pees it out. This puzzled me as I came back to my room afterward, because I know she also drinks the fluid and uses it to practice breathing. So if she drinks it and pees it back out, how can it ever increase? Isn’t it just the same fluid cycling through her? The resident I asked this morning during rounds told the med student with her to look it up and come back and tell me. He said that earlier in pregnancy before the baby’s kidneys and bladder and digestive tract were functioning, I made the fluid. It came from my plasma and entered the amniotic sac by osmosis. Now she makes it by urinating. I asked again “But wouldn’t that just mean the same fluid is cycling through her? How does it increase?” He said “The osmotic process is also still happening.” So the REAL answer is that I make the fluid. Right?? I mean I’m not a doctor but that’s what I’m hearing. She just uses it! Anyway… So there’s that part. Then I also told the resident and med student that based on my observations the past few days, it seems like when I drink a LOT of water I leak more fluid throughout the day, and yet my sonograms aren’t showing a decrease in fluid. So I hypothesized to them that if I really drink a lot of water, that makes me/the baby/somebody make more fluid. They didn’t seem to agree definitively but would at least concede that if I were dehydrated that would be bad. So I drank water like crazy all morning and went upstairs for the sonogram, and even though I had been a slightly leaky faucet all morning as well, there was MORE fluid today than other days! I win. Right? I win.

Ok squeamish people, read on here. I learned today that if I do go into labor at this point they would not try to stop labor as they often do when women start contracting prematurely. Since my water has already broken, they would just let it happen. In case anyone besides me was wondering :o)

My nurse today was so funny. My mom sent me some essential oils intended to help me relax and not feel anxious. I had just put some lavender oil on when my nurse walked in and she kept oohing and aahing over how good it smelled, so I gave her some to put on her neck. She loved it! Two hours later when she came back to check my vitals she told me again how much she was enjoying her lavender 😛 She’s a sweet lady, I really like her. It’s nice when a nurse I’ve already gotten to know a bit comes back another day or night; it feels like a friend came back. This would be a much worse experience if it weren’t for having such pleasant nurses around the clock.

The baby is moving so much right now that I can see my stomach moving. Very cool. I love when they do that :o) Also that’s new for her; I’ve seen little thumps here and there but the amount that she was just moving my whole stomach is new for this pregnancy. That’s such a relief to experience because it tells me she’s growing and getting stronger. Keep it up, Hope!

Oh there’s also an order in my chart now allowing me to be taken downstairs in a wheelchair once a day just for a change of scenery. So I could go to Tim Horton’s or the cafeteria or something. Yay outings! If it were warmer they could even let me go outside, still escorted in a wheelchair, but the doctor said right now it’s too cold.

I did a lot of writing today, mostly journaling but also some blogging about the past couple of months with Ella. Even though being stuck in the hospital is hard, it is nice to have the time and the quiet to do so much reflecting and writing. At least for now. I’m sure if I’m here long enough I’ll feel like “ok enough reflection time already,” but for now I appreciate the opportunity. I’ve been needing to spend more alone time with God especially, not just with my thoughts but with Him, and I’m starting to do that now that I have so much time to myself. He uses our extreme circumstances to draw us closer if we’re willing. I’m praying He uses all of this to pull my heart toward Him more than I’ve ever known.

One week down :o)


  1. Dear Lizi, we are praying for you!!!!! Very much enjoy reading your blog posts…love keeping up with your progress and little Miss Hope! Love you so much!!!! Aunt Amy


  2. I man praying for you and baby Hope. I had PROM at 34weeks 6days and he came at 35weeks, so amazing job . Keep drinking, drinking, drinking!!! My son was in the NICU so please let me know if i can be of any help to you!!! The support was huge to me at the time.


  3. I once read that the amniotic fluid tastes exactly like breast milk, and that when babies are born and begin to nurse, they instantly feel at home because they recognize our voices and taste the same milk they’ve been ingesting all this time. I wonder if that is true.


  4. So interesting about the fluid! Also strange that no one has a clear answer about whether you or the baby makes the fluid! You should ask the talkative dr. If drinking water helps. Lol! Love the updates lizzie! Thanks for taking us on your journey! It is all so interesting to me! My sister, Joanna, had her twin boys at 34 weeks. Because she was not allowed to nurse them in the NICU but rather had to pump (they also had iv’s) she always struggled to nurse them and they never got the hang of it. Just something I thought of…


  5. Dear Lizi thanks so much for sharing. I had the same question about who makes the amniotic fluid, but in any case drinking alot of water sounds very helpful. So thankful for 29 weeks & praying for more weeks & much grace for you & Nate. Love, Cathy


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