Standard Birth Package: $600

  • Complimentary initial interview: Review welcome materials, ask questions, and tell me about yourself and your needs.
  • One customized prenatal visit.
  • Unlimited access to monthly WNY Doulas Better Birth Connection meetings. Click here to view our calendar of dates and topics.
  • Access to my lending library of birth and breastfeeding related materials.
  • Email and phone support during your pregnancy from the time the contract is signed until one month postpartum.
  • 24/7 On-call for your birth beginning two weeks prior to your due date.
  • Continuous support during your birth and for the first few hours afterward; help with initiating breastfeeding if desired.
  • Arrangement for a backup doula in the event that unforeseen circumstances prohibit me from attending your birth.
  • One postpartum visit.
  • A typed account of your birth story by the end of your first month postpartum. This is an eyewitness retelling from my perspective and based on our postpartum interview.

 Birth Plus Lactation Package: $700

This package includes everything found in my Standard Birth Package plus the following items to help support a good beginning to breastfeeding:

  • One additional prenatal visit which is focused on breastfeeding preparation.
  • One additional lactation support visit, postpartum.

Custom packages can be created upon request.

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