On Doula Services:

“Lizi is the doula I always dreamed of having present at my child’s birth. Her gentleness, wisdom, and calming presence helped my husband and I to prepare for and embrace our son’s delivery and birth. Lizi went above and beyond to ensure the things that were most important to both of us were considered and provided for. She helped set the tone for a calm, peaceful, and joyous birth experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lizi’s doula services to anyone.”

Leah, first time mom

“Even with all the challenges and deviations from what my husband and I wanted during birth, Lizi was very supportive and encouraging whole way. The prenatal visits were very valuable to what we needed during pregnancy and during labor. During labor itself her services are invaluable and I would never have a birth without a doula (hopefully always Lizi) present. She is just a text away postpartum as well for all my questions about anything, even pumping. She also checked in with us to see how we were doing emotionally. The story adds so much to the experience and perfectly captures our story to highlight what we want to remember forever even things we didn’t remember that were important. We will be able to look back on it for our lifetime. I hope the Lord blesses us with more children to be able to walk through more pregnancy journeys together.”

Allison, first time mom

On Birth Stories:

“You truly encompassed the feelings that I had, and brought such emotion back from that day.”

Tom, second time dad. Read the story of Tom’s son’s birth here.

“This is a forever story, and I’m so happy you captured it with beautiful words. Thank you SO much.”

McKayla, first time mom. Read Mckayla’s story here.

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