Welcome Letter

Dear Expectant Parents,

Congratulations! This season of your life is exciting and bound to be life-changing. One of the most important tools for you to use in order to have the most satisfactory pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period is a well-planned support team. I am grateful that you’re considering making me a part of that team! You may have questions about doula care and my philosophy of birth. Please feel free to ask me anything that is not covered in this letter!

A birth doula is a woman who provides emotional, physical, informational, and advocacy support to expectant parents beginning during pregnancy, usually in the last trimester. Historically, women all over the world have given birth with the help of two or three other women who provide continuous support by their nurturing presence, comforting touch, and encouraging words. In Western culture, surrounding birthing mothers with such rich community has all but disappeared. The professional role of the doula is one way that it is reemerging.

My passion for doula care began during my first pregnancy as I read and learned about the beautifully intricate design of pregnancy and birth. Since then, I have given birth naturally to my two daughters, one of whom was born prematurely at 30 weeks;  attended a friend’s birth as part of her labor support team and cared for that friend during her first month postpartum while she lived with my family; continued to read extensively about labor support and birth; and attended a DONA International approved birth doula training workshop.

Throughout these experiences, I have found that a woman’s birth story becomes a permanent and critical part of who she is. As a way to honor the impact birth has on women, I give each of my clients a written account of her birth as a keepsake. I will record your story’s smallest details that make it uniquely yours while also helping you realize the magnitude of your strength in birthing. I will help memorialize one of your most vulnerable yet most powerful moments.

It is my goal to help women and their partners craft birth plans that make them feel the most confident approaching their births, and I will provide continuous support to the mother and partner when the day arrives so that you both come away from the experience feeling proud of your story no matter how it unfolds. Our birth stories may not be exactly what we imagined during pregnancy; my premature delivery was certainly not what I expected. But I have learned firsthand that with a supportive team surrounding you, your birth story can be something you want to tell again and again, with confidence and strength.

Happy planning! You’re going to give birth beautifully!


Elisabeth Carbrey
The Birth Story Doula LLC, Founder
DONA International Trained Birth Doula

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