About Elisabeth Carbrey, CD(DONA)

Elisabeth Carbrey, CD(DONA)
The Birth Story Doula

I am a DONA International certified birth doula and mother of two currently serving the greater Buffalo, NY area. My passion for supporting women through their pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journeys began during my first pregnancy as I learned about the intricate design that knits together a mother and her baby. I was fascinated, and I have not stopped seeking further education about this beautiful process since. My birth and doula experiences quickly taught me that knowledge produces confidence, confidence produces ownership, and ownership produces satisfaction when it comes to birth, even when things don’t go according to plan. I strive to help families access information and support that will allow them to confidently choose the best plans for their births. I do not try to convince anyone to have the type of birth I would want. As I help families to prepare for their births, I am frequently heard saying, “It’s up to you. This is your birth.”

I also received my BA in English in 2012. Writing has been an integral part of my life since adolescence, and I am thrilled to be weaving together two of my favorite things now as a doula: birth and writing. I have the great honor of being a witness to lives changing forever when babies are born, and each family I serve as a doula receives a written account of their birth story as a keepsake. One of my goals in supporting birthing women and their families is to help them craft a story they will want to remember and retell for years to come. I will record your story’s smallest details that make it uniquely yours while also helping you realize the magnitude of your strength in birthing. I will help memorialize one of your most vulnerable yet most powerful moments.

This is your birth. Own it. Tell your story.

Empowering you to do that is why I’m a doula.

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