Buffalove Challenge: Week 4, Food Truck Tuesday!

Alright, I’ll admit that Food Truck Tuesday was not a brand new experience for Nathanael or me, but we are by no means frequent flyers either. In the five years I’ve lived here, I think I had been to FTT twice before this time, but maybe only once… And it’s a shame that we’ve neglected this scene because we both LOVE food truck food! Nathanael commented about one truck that it didn’t “seem like it should be a food truck… I just expect food truck food to be… I don’t know…” and I supplied him with, “Greasy? Heavy? Not entirely good for you?” Yes. But Oh. So. Delicious!

We took several selfie attempts. Ella’s expression didn’t get better than this.

We made it out for this year’s second FTT of the season, strapped on our offspring, and hit the lines. They weren’t nearly as long as I remembered, and Nathanael pointed out that that was because the last time we came was the last week of FTT a year or two ago. Needless to say, these Buffalonians showed up in waves that time. But this time, we could walk up to a truck, order, and have several square feet to ourselves to stand and stuff our faces without bumping elbows with passersby.

My favorite part of FTT was when I was oscillating back and forth from in front of Nathanael to take a bite of the Bacon Mac from the Macarollin truck to behind him to feed a bite to Ella, who was hanging out on Daddy’s back in the too-small-for-her-Tula (because Mom and Dad don’t want to splurge on a toddler size). I wish I had enough limbs to have captured this process on film. Maybe it was only funny to me.

Look how accidentally-coordinated her socks, shirt, and hair-tie were!

While we were there, I considered taking pictures of each of the trucks we ordered from and the food we enjoyed. By the time this occurred to me we had already polished off the aforementioned Bacon Mac, and I felt it was too late. All or nothing.

Other tasty things we ate that night were:

  • Some sort of amazing sandwich involving chicken from “Street Eats.” I think it was called “Dirty Bird”?
  • Peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake from some truck that served cheesecake (guys, this was at least two weeks ago. I cannot recall these details!)
  • If there was more, I’ve forgotten it. Nathanael and I both think there was one more thing.

Ok, so my record keeping is a bit wanting this time. But I do remember that we had a lot of fun getting out into Buffalo at one of this city’s signature events, we ate delicious food, everyone was full, and Ella didn’t cry. Hope did, but that has very little to do with her whereabouts. Ella got to try cheesecake for the first time, and of course she loved it. She also narrated all the litter she saw along the street as we walked from Larkin Square down the block to another lot full of trucks and back…

I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully spring gets warm again soon and we can venture out with these small people of ours!

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